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After we received all the loan required documents, We will send them to an international business law corporation to carry out different levels to verification.It takes within 7 to 10 business days to get your application approved or denied.

Yes of course we do but as a experienced international finance provider that understand that some borrower's have skepticism making advance deposits, In that regard all payment required in advance/upfront must be paid to the third party business lawyers as they provides escrow services.

The escrow fee is 10% of the total amount they receive from the borrower, This fees is shared equally between the lender and the borrower.

Our minimum loan offer is 1 million and maximum is 10 million.

All countries in Africa and South-Asia.

No, there is no risk unless an applicant  provide us with fake documents or default the loan contract..Our legal team don’t treat such issues likely.

Applicants must face an international legal proceeding and pay a lot of financial compensation at the end of the case.

Our rate of applications rejected is above 75% on international online applicants after we stopped international applicants coming to our office since to the global pandemic 😷 situation

  1. Must sure your project isnt listed in our Sanctioned countries and business/projects
  2. Provide all the listed documents in our procedures which must be legal and validated

Loan interest only is paid yearly and at the end of the loan term you will pay back the loan capital.. In this case it is a balloon loan.

  1. Direct Bank Transfer loan: Applicant pays the interest yearly and the loan principal at the end of the loan term.
  2. Non-Recourse Loan: Applicant pays high interest for only ten years and dont pay the principal loan at the end of the 10 years.
  3. BG/SBLC: This is the issuing of valid bank instrument to be monetize at a rate by the applicant's bank.

We offer grace period within 6 months to 1 year depending on the nature of the loan project.

Applicants can apply for an extension but it can either be approved or denied.

We don’t accept physical asset as collateral because the means to verify international physical assets is complex and the process takes long time so we prefer financial asset BG/SBLC sent directly to our bank if our verification team insist you must provide collateral after reviewing your application.

We are one of the best Finance companies with over 30 years experience  offering real loan as long as you passed all our verification process and provide all credit requirements, we offer very low loan interest rates, we loan processing time is considerably fast

Check our testimonial page on our website as our client review is on 5 stars.

Depending of the reason of factor that lead to the rejection of their application , If the insufficient documents then they can reapply but it based on fake documents then they cant reapply.

No they cant use their own lawyers or recommend an escrow firm to us... We accepted this offer over the years but most borrower's took advantage of it by collaborating with the lawyers and escrow companies to claim they have receive the loan fees which they haven't.

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